Description Edit

The Arctic is a new biome added to Minecraft Ultimate Edition. It was first leaked along with the Tropics Biome in a post from microsoft titled "#Hotornot". It may at first be mistaken for the Ice Plains, but in reality, they are extremely different. The Arctic Biome is an incredibly vast chain of Ice crags, mountians and plains, there are many, many "ice ponds" where Polar Bears and Narwhals are found. Unlike the Ice Plains, there are no trees, and if a sapling is placed here, it will not grow, even with bonemeal. The diverse animals include Snowy Owls, Bears, Arctic Fox, hares and many more. Villages are less civilized and they live in igloos. The villagers are "Eskimo villagers". Also, Arctic Foxes can be tamed into Huskies. There is also extremely thick fog here.

Fauna and Flora Edit

The only plants that grow in the Arctic are a type of flower called Arctic Poppy. These only appear 100 spots or less from the edge of a warmer biome. On the other hand, the fauna is in large amounts with Polar Bears and Foxes, Owls, Narwhals, Seals and some birds. There are also snow leapords

Gear needed to Explore Edit

Here is a list of recommended gear to explore this biome

  • Food (Of Course)
  • Diamond Sword, Polar Bears are extremely nasty and strong
  • A Heat Source
  • Emeralds (To Trade with Eskimo's)
  • Fishing Poles
  • Ice Picks, to climb steep hills.

Resources found here Edit

  • Well you can find ice
  • Polar Bears, that can provide meat and fur
  • Some Ores
  • Owls can be tames
  • Narwhals will drop Narwhal tusk, which can be made into swords or can be used in a later update for something secret
  • Thats about it