Description Edit

The Haunted Forest is a new biome in MCUE. It is a large thick haunted forest filled with monsters and evil ghost trees. The trees are posessed by ghosts and will attack at night. From a distance, the forest will look like a regular taiga but it's true horrors will be revealed once you get closer

Fauna and Flora Edit

There are many Dangerous Fauna and Flora in this biome. Such as poisonous mushrooms and evil human eating trees. There are the regular mobs here as well as Haunted Mobs, which are identified by their strange possessed stare and ghostly design

Gear needed to Explore Edit

Lots of gear is needed to explore the Haunted Forest Biome

  • Diamond Swords
  • Foods
  • Voodoo Charm

Resources found here Edit

  • Dangerous stuff such as haunted saplings and mushrooms can be used to kill and defend
  • Some strange items