Owls are a passive, avian mob that appear in MCUE

Description Edit

Owls are avian mobs that come in four varieties. Great Horned, Burrowing, Snowy, and Gray. They are nocturnal and usually come out at night. Most of them live in trees, but the burrowing owl lives underground. Owls are one of the only mobs that attacks other mobs for food, as they will swoop down and attack rabbits occasionally. They also live in nests where they raise baby owls.

Habitat Edit


A Snowy Owl, one of the four variants of owls.

Great Horned Owls and Gray Owls are found in the trees of Forests, Roofed Forests, and Taigas.

Snowy Owls live in Snowy Taiga trees but can occasionally be seen flying over the tundra.

Burrowing Owls live underground in desert biomes, as well as lush deserts.