The Pokemon Mod is a mod for Minecraft: Ultimate Edition, that can be bought from the Premium Shop. It is similar to Pixelmon, but much better, here is what the mod adds

New Preset: Pokemon World Edit

Pokemon World is a new preset in Minecraft: Ultimate Edition that only appears after the mod is bought. When you go into a Pokemon World, you will now have a new pokemon inventory slot, and you can catch pokemon in Minecraft. At the start, you are given a pokedex and 5 pokeballs, and given Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle

Items in the Pokemon Mod Edit

Pokeballs Edit

  • Pokeball-Can be found lying around, or bought at a pokemart
  • Great Ball-Rarer than pokeballs, cannot be found in pokemart
  • Ultra Ball-Very Rare to find lying around
  • Master Ball-Can be found lying around, but extremely rare
  • Level Ball-Use a Red Apricorn on the Apricornator
  • Moon Ball-Use a Yellow Apricorn on the Apricornator
  • Lure Ball-Use a Blue Apricorn on the Apricornator
  • Friend Ball-Use Green Apricorns in the Apricornator
  • Fast Ball-Use Orange Apricorns in the Apricornator
  • Love Ball-Use Pink Apricorns in the Apricornator