In Minecraft Ultimate Edition, there are five main types of technology, these are known as: Redstone, Blue-Stone, Magic, Aqua and Spytech

Redstone Technology Edit

Redstone Technology is the most common technology and the only technology to come from the original minecraft game. Redstone is known for creating and powering simple devices such as Flying Machines, traps and Fireworks dispensers. All the redstone devices obtainable in MCPC, are here. It can also work with Bluestone Technology

Bluestone Technology Edit

Blustone Technology is free in Sandbox Creative Mode and Premium in other Sandbox modes. It is known for being to power very complicated machines such as: Bluestone Batteries, Blue Golems, Force fields and much more. It seems to be a more advanced version of redstone.

Magic Technology Edit

Magic Technology, better known as magic is a special type of Technology. It is similar to potions, "pure magic" can rarely be found in random places, from here you can create magic wands, spells, books, cloaks and much more. It's like Harry Potter in Minecraft!

Aqua Technology Edit

Spy Technology Edit