Time Traveling is an amazing new feature in Minecraft Ultimate Edition. You can create time machines and power them with a special ore to travel to 9 new past and future themed dimensions. This is a guide on mastering the power of Time Travel.

Creating the Time Machine Edit

The time machine is very difficult to make and requires many, many ores. The recipe is, both the middle and bottom rows of the crafting table must have iron blocks, but the very middle must have a clock. On the top row, you must put a dropper in the middle and two "plasma orbs" on the top left and right. These orbs are created with 1 Diamond in the middle of a table and 8 redstone on the sides. In all, the time machine takes 45 Iron, 7 Cobblestone, 18 Redstone, 4 Gold, and 2 Diamonds.

Powering the Machine Edit

To power the machine, tap on it after placing and it will ask for redstone. Since there are eleven dimentions, the one closest to the present will require less redstone and the ones farthest away from the present will require less redstone. For instance, going to the Ice Age, requires 4 redstone. 2 to get there and 2 to get you back! You will need lots of redstone

Time Destinations Edit

  1. Pleistocene Era
  2. Omplicine Epoch
  3. Paleocene Era
  4. Cretacious Period
  5. Jurassic Period
  6. Triassic Period
  7. Carniforous Era
  8. Silurian Period
  9. Ordovician Period
  10. Cambrian Era
  11. Precambrian Era