Topaz is a new ore and gemstone in Minecraft Ultimate Edition. It is yellowish orange ore that can be made into tools, swords and armor.

Finding Topaz Edit

Topaz is one of the ores that can be found in Crystal Caves which can be reached from mineshafts. The Caves are small pockets where four or more minecart paths meet. There are usually tons of ores in these caves and lots of topaz

Topaz Weapons Edit

Topaz Weapons are now stronger than Diamond Weapons. The Topaz Sword can give about 9 hearts of damage but will break in about 400 hits, unlike the Diamond Sword's 650 hits. The Topaz Ax will give as much damage as a diamond sword,

Topaz Armor Edit

Topaz Armor is made of four parts: The Helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots. They are crafted in the same way as other armors. With 5, 8, 7 and 4 pieces of Topaz. It takes 24 pieces of topaz in all to make a full set of Topaz Armor. A full set of Topaz Armor will provide you with 25 defense points (Helmet has 4, Chestplate has 10, Leggings have 7 and Boots have 4

Other Uses Edit